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The proprietry manufacturer of the MOTOTROLA bimorph piezo technology

The Piezo Source bimorph Motorola speakers are not the same as simple piezoelectric speakers. Our manufacturing process is roughly equivalent to having a speaker with two crystals rather than one. This gives our speakers a much longer lifespan, efficiency and long term performance and stability. Piezo Source, Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying the highest quality piezoelectric speakers since acquiring the exclusive rights, designs, and manufacturing line from Motorola in 2005. The speakers manufactured by Piezo Source maintain the high quality originally ensured by Motorola. The quality of our bimorph ceramics means that our speakers are also used as a transceiver – speaker and microphone.

Piezo Source supports our customers through:

Manufacturing high quality piezoelectric speakers – Over 100 speakers available in our product portfolio. Engineering and design – Our team of engineers collaborate with our clients on new designs, materials, and
signal processing methods. Sub-contract manufacturing – With our key collaborators, Piezo Source performs sub-contract manufacturing where
we help with the mechanical and electrical assembly involved in mounting speakers into customers’ boxes and arrays.

Products Overview

The core products sold by Piezo Source are the original piezoelectric speakers and receivers designed, patented, and manufactured by Motorola for over 30 years. In addition to offering many of the original Motorola products, Piezo Source has developed new designs and materials to support the needs of new and existing customers and their developing applications.

Piezo Source Products Overview

The performance, design, and manufacturing quality of the Piezo Source products are backed by our lead design and manufacturing teams. These teams are able to offer direct support to our customers from our dual locations in San Jose, CA and metropolitan Manila in the Philippines.

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The Piezo ceramic at the heart of the Piezo Source product line is of the highest medical grade quality, similar to what is found in hospital equipment. Piezo Source products offer the necessary robustness for applications where long term performance and stability are important.

Motorola spent over 30 years researching and developing the materials and designs for the piezoelectric devices. These R&D efforts included the plastics, horn geometry, ceramics, and centervane construction, and form the central base of the Piezo Source intellectual property.

Piezo Source acquired the Motorola Manufacturing line, including the molds for the speaker housings. Our products are manufactured and tested on the original manufacturing equipment, ensuring that many of our products are 100% equivalent to the original Motorola piezoelectric speakers and receivers.

Motorola developed detailed standard operating procedures regarding the manufacturing process for their piezoelectric devices. Piezo Source owns these and applies them to our manufacturing process for our product offerings.

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