Applications of piezoelectric materials on automotive technology are actuators, fuel injectors, sensors, and variety of safety systems on automobiles, aircrafts, trains, and ships. An actuator converts electrical signal into mechanical movement which is the most important property of the piezoelectric materials. It is used on adjusting mirrors, lenses and other automotive parts. It is maintenance-free and durable that can be operated many times.

Piezoelectric materials are important for power generation in automobiles since significant amount of energy is wasted in automobile motion. Although it only produces small amount of electrical energy, it is
sufficient enough to power sensors and other small, low-energy consumption gadget. An example of this are benders made of PZT which attached to the tire. The PZT benders then supply electrical energy to tire-pressure sensors that operate periodically.

Piezo Source is utilized in different applications for automotive technology. It is compact, simple and highly reliable as it provides a promising solution.

Piezoelectric Automotive Devices

Application of Piezoelectric Technology in Automotive Systems

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