Wildlife/Pest Control

Pest Repellant is an electrical device that uses sound to keep out animals such as rats, birds, and many more animals from a selected zone. Some examples of these devices are rat repellants, bird scarers, and dog barking preventers.

A rat repellant is an electrical device that produces frequency greater than 15kHz sound waves which are inaudible to people, but unpleasant to rats. Dog barking preventers also used higher frequency inaudible to humans.

The bird scarer on the other hand used a lesser frequency greater than 1kHz sound waves to scare the birds. Despite using different frequencies, all of these pest-repellant devices used the same mechanism and circuit.

These pest repellants are used in many places where animals can be considered a pest such as:

  1. Crop Farming and Fish Pond Farming
  2. Airport Runways
  3. Parks, Malls, Parking Lots, etc.

Piezo Source speakers are employed in several pest and animal control applications since it is a cost-effective solution, safe and humane, non-poisonous, simple to install, can be used in a range of locations, and can withstand harsh environments. Bird control, fox deterrents, mole and gopher deterrents, deer deterrents, and other pest deterrents used our ceramics speakers because of its wide range of frequency coverage aside being more efficient in terms of cost and size.

Rat Repellent Circuit Diagram

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