Medical Device Applications

Due to the properties of piezoelectric materials, it is used on different medical applications. In
diagnostic medical equipment, it’s been used magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) which is a noninvasive imaging technology that uses magnetic field and sound waves to produce a detailed images of
organs and tissues composition in the body. It operates the same as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
but with the combination of sound waves. A pad is placed on the skin which will send sound wave to the
body and receive it after it travels through the body. The speed of the sound waves shows the stiff tissues
because sound waves travel faster on stiffer tissues. It is been used for liver diseases and tumors of different body parts.

Piezoelectric materials are also used to monitor many bodily signals. Since it converts mechanical
energy into electrical signal, it is used on pressure changes within the body such as blood pressure,
intraocular pressure, and cranial pressure. Aside from this two, the following are piezoelectric materials
application on medical devices:

  1. Ultrasound scanners
  2. Ultrasonic surgery instruments
  3. Ultrasonic dental scalers
  4. Microdosing
  5. Energy harvesting
  6. Cochlear implants

Piezo Source provides products that provide the basis for the audio systems in MRI/MRE systems where the non-ferrous/nonmagnetic mature of the piezoelectric speakers provides zero interference with
the imaging

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Piezoelectric Materials for Medical Applications

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